The Rivalry Run
Coming Together to run off domestic violence
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The Cause

Rivalries coming together to run off domestic violence

All proceeds from the Rivalry Run benefit Haven 360, formerly known as DVPSA, which works with local shelters to protect domestic violence abuse victims in the Kansas City community.

Haven 360 was founded with the idea that women need more than a Protection Order to ensure their physical safety.

Statistics indicate that 50% of the homicides of female spouses/partners were committed by the abuser after these women separated from their batterers.  Haven 360 exists to provide physical protection to these battered women transitioning out of abusive environments so that they may leave the situation with peace of mind and a sense of security.

Haven 360 hires and assigns off-duty police officers to victims of domestic violence, providing them with armed security during court appearances and custody exchanges, an armed escort to the home to retrieve belongings, and an armed escort to and from work and other necessary travel. Additionally, we provide clients with home security alarm systems, home security assessments and self-defense courses.

Your generosity and participation in The Rivalry Run will allow Haven 360 to fund its protective services initiative, providing physical protection to women whose lives are in danger.

You can make a difference, donate or register today.